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Contact an Individual in Custody

Written Contact

Individuals in custody may receive mail at any time during their incarceration. To ensure prompt processing, the individual in custody’s IDOC number should be placed in the proximity of their name on the envelope. You can locate the individual in custody IDOC number on the Individual in custody Search link. The information will feature the facility in which the individual in custody is housed. Facility addresses are under Facilities.

Electronic Messaging

Note: GTL and IDOC have negotiated a new rate structure. Effective November 1, 2021, the Department will forego any commissions for GTL services.
Click here to see the pricing changes.

Friends and family members can communicate with individuals in custody using an electronic messaging system. The messages can be created and sent through Global Tel* Link’s (GTL) They’ll be printed and delivered to the individuals in custody, just like regular mail. All messages are screened and monitored in accordance with IDOC mail policies. Global Tel* Link is the only provider of this service to Illinois Department of Corrections individuals in custody. Click here to register or get more information.

Phone Contact

Individuals in custody cannot receive telephone calls but can make collect calls to those on their approved calling list. If you want to receive collect calls from an individual in custody, you will need to write the individual in custody and ask to be placed on their approved calling list.

Individuals in custody have scheduled times when they can make collect calls, which are determined by their living unit's schedule. All telephone calls are subject to monitoring and recording at any time by Departmental staff unless prior special arrangements have been made to make or receive an unmonitored attorney call. All requests for unmonitored attorney calls must be processed by a member of IDOC’s legal staff.

Participation or initiation of three-way calls by individuals in custody is strictly prohibited by IDOC rules and will result in disciplinary action.

Securus is the only service provider used by the Illinois Department of Corrections for individual in custody telephone services.

If you have questions regarding receiving collect calls from individuals in custody, you can call Securus for information. If you wish to receive collect calls from individuals in custody on a cell phone, you will need to call Securus to setup a prepaid account prior to accepting calls. If you have a landline phone you may set up a prepaid account or a direct billing account. For collect or prepaid collect information, please call Securus at (1-800-844-6591).

On this system, the following number will display for Caller ID: 1-866-718-4777

Calls on the Securus system may come from 1-866-718-4777 based on where an individual in custody is calling from. There is a possibility call filters or spam blockers will block these calls or send them to voicemail. Securus suggests creating a contact for this number and adding that contact as a favorite.

Securus​ Correctional Billing Services (CBS) at: 1-800-844-6591

Any questions regarding calls from individuals in custody, please call Securus or email customer services at

Blocking individual in custody calls

All collect calls coming from an IDOC individual in custody are announced where you can accept, block, or receive a rate quote. You can also contact Securus to block individual in custody calls.

Note: Securus is the only service provider for individual in custody phone services used at IDOC. There are reports of friends and family setting up accounts with companies other than Securus for phone service with IDOC individuals in custody. Please ensure that you are setting up accounts with Securus Technologies as accounts with other companies could be blocked.​​​​