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Transfer Coordinator's Office

The Office of the Transfer Coordinator performs reviews of individuals in custody for transfers from reception centers to parent facility placements, Structured Impact Programs, reduced security settings, substance abuse transfers, international transfers as well as compassionate Interstate Corrections Compact Agreement transfers for incarcerated individuals.

Transfers are first initiated at the facility level via the individual in custody through their assigned counselor. After facility review and Warden approval at the respective institution, the transfer is submitted to the Transfer Coordinator for the final review and submission to the Chief of Program Services, if required, for certain placements.

If individuals are approved, they are placed on a transfer list and will move when a bed space is available for them at their approved location. If individuals are denied, they can request again for another review, based on the guidelines for requesting transfers.

Many factors are reviewed when transfers are considered including, but not limited to bed space, disciplinary record, programs, prior negative adjustment at requested facility, and proximity to support systems/family. Individuals are encouraged to have a positive adjustment and program participation during their incarceration for placement considerations.

An individual can request a transfer through their assigned counselor once they have been at their current facility location for a period of six (6) months from their original IDOC placement. After their request, an individual must remain at their facility location for a period of one (1) year before requesting to transfer within IDOC.

Any questions regarding institutional movement and eligibility for placements, should first be directed to an individual’s assigned counselor and/or respective Casework Supervisor or Clinical Services Supervisor. Inquiries regarding placement denials for Electronic Detention or Adult Transitional Centers should be directed to the Program Services Office at 

How to Contact the Transfer Coordinator’s Office:


Illinois Department of Corrections
Transfer Coordinator
1301 Concordia Court
P.O. Box 19277
Springfield, IL  62794-9277

Phone:  217.558.2200, ext. 2603

Please Note:  The Office of the Transfer Coordinator will not respond to unrelated inquiries. All individual transfer requests and questions related to facility placements/eligibility should be directed to the assigned counselor. Interstate Compact inquiries for individuals on parole are handled by the Interstate Compact Office.