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Employee Resources

IDOC’s Staff Wellness Response Team

Currently, SWRT has 200 members throughout IDOC facilities along with three Staff Wellness Regional Coordinators to address the mental and emotional needs of staff. This highly trained team assists facilities following critical incidents and offers peer support through confidential referrals to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and AFSCME's Personal Support Program (PSP). SWRT offers ‘Corrections Fatigue to Fulfillment', a 10-hour voluntary course that analyzes the causes and signs of corrections fatigue and provides strategies for professional fulfillment and self-care, to current IDOC staff members and all incoming cadet classes. 

Members of the Staff Wellness Response Team are available at every facility for employees who need assistance. For a current list of your team members or available staff wellness courses, please contact

AFSCME Illinois Personal Support Program

The PSP, a union-based employee assistance program (EAP) began providing services to AFSCME-represented employees and their dependent family members in August 1992.  Individuals seek assistance from PSP for a wide range of personal concerns, and utilization of PSP's services is voluntary.  Individuals access PSP by calling 1-800-647-8776.  PSP will provide appropriate information over the phone or, more commonly, schedule the caller to see one of its trained and credentialed, master's and doctoral level professional staff. PSP staff work cooperatively with employees and covered dependents to objectively assess and clarify their problem(s). Some problems may be resolved through short-term counseling with PSP staff. Other problems may require specialized assistance and are referred to quality, cost-effective, and geographically accessible resources within the community.