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Sex Offender Services Unit

Sarah Brown-Foiles | Manager for Sex Offender Services

Illinois Department of Corrections continually works to develop a system for continuity of services for sex offenders from the point of incarceration through discharge from parole. In order to facilitate this continuum of services, the Sex Offender Services Unit was implemented as a centralized unit to oversee all services related to sex offenders.

The Illinois Department of Corrections contributes to the protection of communities by managing the risk of re-offense through identification, assessment, evaluation, treatment, and specialized supervision programs for sex offenders. To this extent, the Sex Offender Services Unit is tasked with the following:

  • The Unit provides supervision to the sex offender therapy programs in the community provided by IDOC – East St. Louis Sex Offender Treatment Program and Chicago Sex Offender Treatment Program.
  • Per Illinois Statute, IDOC is tasked with completing pre-release evaluations on sex offenders prior to mandatory supervised release. The Sex Offender Services Unit monitors this evaluation process.
  • IDOC has the responsibility per 725 ILCS 207 to review certain offenders for civil commitment as a sexually violent persons. The Sex Offender Services Unit ensures that all evaluations are completed and the staff serve as liaison to the Attorney General’s Office and State’s Attorney’s Offices regarding this process.
  • The Sex Offender Services Unit serves as administrator for the Sexually Dangerous Persons Civil Commitment Program at Big Muddy River Correctional Center and liaisons with the court systems.
  • The Sex Offender Services Unit develops and conducts statewide trainings for IDOC staff, vendors, law enforcement, state agencies, and others in the community regarding sex offender management and related topics.
  • Staff in this Unit review community placements for sex offenders on parole/mandatory supervised release to ensure that the placements are meeting all requirements.
  • The Manager of this Unit serves as the Global Positioning Monitoring Systems (GPS) project manager ensuring that offenders are effectively monitored.
  • The Sex Offender Services Unit serves as the Transitional Living Home Licensing Administrator for the State. Staff in this Unit are also tasked with working with legislators, IDOC staff, and other state entities to create/revise policy and law regarding sex offenders. Currently, the Manager of this Unit is the Chairperson for the Illinois Sex Offender Management Board.

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Sex Offender Registration FAQs:

Questions regarding length of registration for sex offenders are to be addressed to the Illinois State Police Registration Unit (SOR) at 217-785-0653 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.