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Mental Health Psychiatric Services

Dr. Melvin Hinton | Acting Statewide Mental Health Supervisor

Under the aegis of the Office of Health Services is the Department’s mental health programming. Services provided in all or most of the facilities include:

  • Mental Health Professional – Offenders in need of psychological care for mental conditions, apprehension, drug addiction, and behavior problems are referred to a Mental Health Professional.
  • Psychiatric – Offenders prescribed psychotropic medication and/or in need of a psychiatric evaluation are seen by the psychiatrist every month or as indicated.
  • Crisis Intervention – Screening and evaluation of offenders experiencing psychological crises.
  • Evaluation of GMI – Evaluation of offender convicted as guilty but mentally ill on a 30 day basis.
  • Sexual Assault Intervention & Prevention – To assure that victims of sexual assault receive needed intervention, assessment and therapy to assist them in recovering and to maintain a program for prevention of sexual assaults