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COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Is IDOC currently allowing visitors?

No, all visits were suspended March 14, 2020 until further notice. This also includes outside volunteers, contractors, and tours. Attorneys may still visit but are subject to a medical screening and temperature check upon arrival to the facility.

Have transfers been suspended?

Yes, all interagency transports have been suspended except for court writs, medical and mental health appointments, and emergency transfers.

What are you doing to prevent staff from bringing COVID-19 (coronavirus) into the facility?

Upon arrival to the facility, staff are screened, have their temperature checked, and receive personal protective equipment (PPE) to wear during their shift.

Are you providing proper cleaning supplies?

Yes. During this period, we have increased our cleaning schedules and the amount of cleaning supplies on hand. We are closely monitoring our supply levels at each facility and are in close communication with our vendors to maintain adequate inventory.

Are you providing proper food and hygiene for men and women in custody?

Yes, nutritionally balanced meals, showers, and antibacterial soap will continue to be provided.

May I continue sending mail to my incarcerated loved one?

Yes, you are encouraged to write as often as possible.

My incarcerated loved one is on disciplinary restrictions. How will I contact them to ensure they are well?

The Department recognizes the importance of remaining in close contact with loved ones. Restrictions are reduced during this time period to ensure all incarcerated individuals are allowed at least one call to loved ones a week. Concessions have been made to allow offenders on grade restrictions both telephone privileges and video visits.

Will the Department continue to release men and women scheduled to be paroled or discharged?

Yes, the Department will continue to process individuals being paroled or discharged. They will be screened and have their temperature taken upon their release.

Is the Department offering enhanced communication services?

The Department is providing all people in custody with funds for two 20-minute phone calls and one 15-minute video visit. In addition, GTL is providing all individuals with one free 15-minute video visit per week, for 12 weeks, beginning March 20, 2020.

Do you know when the visitation suspension will be lifted?

Not at this time. The Department will monitor the situation to determine when it is safe to restore visits.

Is the Department considering eligible incarcerated individuals for early release?

The Department is exploring all options at our disposal to protect those in our care.